“Save the Black Rhino and African Elephant”: a wildlife picture book

“Imagine Africa and the world without any of [the beautiful wildlife] left?!”- chapter 2. It is difficult for many United States citizens to think about the practice of poaching and the detrimental effects it has because poaching is not as prevalent in America as it is in Africa. “The United States is second to China in its desire for illegal wildlife parts” though-OneGreenPlanet. Poachers killed over 30,000 elephants last year; if the killing continues at this rate, elephants will be extinct within the next decade. The threat of extinction is not the only threat poaching poses though. Many local communities rely on it’s wildlife to attract tourists. With wildlife populations exponentially decreasing, the local economies are at a huge risk of plummeting. Furthermore, there are drastic negative effects on the environment. The ecosystem is fragile. If one animal goes on the brink of extinction, populations of it’s prey increase exponentially which leads to overpopulation. There must be a balance. The picture book highlights the black market of poaching and narrates it in the animal’s point of view. You can help #preservethewildlife by donating to the Small Solutions Big Ideas campaign. Laptops are given to children in Kenya so they can stop the poaching around them. Let’s #empowerkids. Visit https://www.gofundme.com/empowerkenyankids . Any amount helps!

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