Current Wildlife Campaign

Small Solutions Big Ideas is very excited to announce our newest campaign, all focused around protecting the wildlife in Kenya.  The children at the Primary school in Bungoma County, have been working very hard to learn more about the consequences of poaching and the effects that the ivory trade has on their country.  The children feel strongly that their government should be doing more to help save the wildlife.

The students have been using the XO laptops that Small Solutions Big Ideas provided for them to conduct their research.  Just the other day, we Skyped with two students who presented their findings about wildlife to us.  They are greatly benefiting by the technology, no matter what they are researching.

“I’ve really upgraded my knowledge in saving the wildlife and knowing the importance of having wildlife.” -Jason (14), Bukokholo Primary School, Kenya

It is important that we continue to provide these children with technology so they can hold power in their community.

To donate now, click here.

To visit our website, click here.

-Small Solutions Big Ideas

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